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Category: worldbuilding assistance

Building a Fantasy Army – Elves

Introduction This post will concern typical fantasy elves. In other words, the Tolkien-inspired High Fantasy elves, rather than their folklore fairy counterparts. Physiology and Biology Elves are generally human-sized, though […]

Building a Fantasy Army Part 7: Logistics

An army marches on its stomach. What this means is that while a fantasy writer probably should not spend words boring his readers with minutae of logistical arrangements, some thought […]

Building a Fantasy Army Part 5: Recruitment

Soldiers may be recruited in several ways: tribal militia rural militia urban militia part-time professionals full-time professionals mercenaries None of these systems is, in and by itself, better or worse […]

Building a Fantasy Army Part 4: Organization

Most primitive tribal armies consist of militias which contain all adult males of the group. In such cases, there is no distinction between civilians and soldiers, and peacetime leaders are […]