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Category: weapons

Why Fantasy Avoids Gunpowder

Tolkien’s Influence In Tolkien’s mythos, the good guys never use gunpowder, or anything even remotely resembling explosives of any kind. This might have had to do with him having experienced […]

Stupid Fantasy Armours

“Studded Leather” Armour “Studded leather” armour appeared first in Dungeons and Dragons. It consists of “studded leather” – leather armour with metal studs (or sometimes, spikes) inserted into it. Such […]

Why Fantasy Elves Are Great Archers

To start with: most fantasy elves are based on Tolkien’s elves. But Tolkien’s elves were not just great archers. They were great everything, and during the Great War against Morgoth, […]

Fantasy Armed – Weapons for Elves

Physical characteristics Elves are often portrayed as tall and lanky, and either weaker than or of similar strength to humans but with usually much slimmer build. I will thus assume […]

Fantasy Armed – Weapons for Dwarves

Inspired by Shadiversity’s video series. Physical characteristics Dwarves are generally very short but very stout, being usually the same strength as – or stronger than – humans while being much […]

Harness Overview – Nohr (Fire Emblem)

Overview Basis for this will be armour worn by Prince Leo. This is because armour of everybody’s favourite Tomato Prince does not appear to be extensively customized (unlike other siblings), […]

Harness Overview – Basic Principles

Contents overview Basic principles and philosophy of protection Armour and society Nature of warfare Weapons, shields and armour interaction Terminology Philosophy of protection Armour is supposed to protect the wearer. […]