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Category: art of war

Why Fantasy Avoids Gunpowder

Tolkien’s Influence In Tolkien’s mythos, the good guys never use gunpowder, or anything even remotely resembling explosives of any kind. This might have had to do with him having experienced […]

Building a Fantasy Army – Dwarves

Physiology and Biology Fantasy dwarfs (dwarves) are actually most realistic of fantasy races (along with elves). They tend to be significantly shorter than humans, but as broad or even broader […]

Building a Fantasy Army – Elves

Introduction This post will concern typical fantasy elves. In other words, the Tolkien-inspired High Fantasy elves, rather than their folklore fairy counterparts. Physiology and Biology Elves are generally human-sized, though […]

Tactical Overview: Golden Company

Introduction This will be similar to my previous overview of Unsullied. Tactics and Organization Golden Company was formed of Westerosi exiles, defeated remnants of Blackfyre Rebellion. Because of this, they […]