Mistakes in Lord of the Rings movies

Introduction This post will cover mistakes in the Lord of the Rings movies, as they pertain to the military tactics and technology. The greater mythological / worldbuilding mistakes (of which […]

Why Fantasy Avoids Gunpowder

Tolkien’s Influence In Tolkien’s mythos, the good guys never use gunpowder, or anything even remotely resembling explosives of any kind. This might have had to do with him having experienced […]

Marxists Coming to Ruin Tolkien

Tolkien’s work had remained free of Marxist infiltration for a remarkably long time, remaining true to its origins and purpose – all due to the steadfast gatekeeping by the Tolkien […]

Fantasy Anime – Noragami

Noragami is a comedy anime about Yato, a god without a shrine or worshippers, and a schoolgirl Hiyori. Yato got abandoned by his Regalia – familiar spirit / weapon – […]

Stupid Fantasy Armours

“Studded Leather” Armour “Studded leather” armour appeared first in Dungeons and Dragons. It consists of “studded leather” – leather armour with metal studs (or sometimes, spikes) inserted into it. Such […]

Building a Fantasy Army – Dwarves

Physiology and Biology Fantasy dwarfs (dwarves) are actually most realistic of fantasy races (along with elves). They tend to be significantly shorter than humans, but as broad or even broader […]

Tolkien’s Ideal of Monarchy

JRR Tolkien’s love of monarchy is seen through his work. Last third of the Lord of the Rings has return of the King to Gondor, and restoration of the monarchy […]