Fantasy Games – Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a game set in the Final Fantasy universe. It is a combat game with role-playing elements. Game was first released in 2015., and arrived to Windows in 2019.

Plot of the game is okayish, but it is there simply to set up the conflict. Thus, its knowledge is not necessary to enjoy the game. Story is based on the conflict between Materia, the goddess of protection, and Spiritus, the god of destruction, who summon warriors of Cosmos and Chaos as their champions.

Gameplay is interesting, though it can start feeling repetitive and stale after playing for a long time. This is made worse by the fact that combat often consists less of fighting and more of trying to chase down your enemies.

Get back here, you bloody rabbit

Assuming that playing tag is not, in fact, an issue, all characters have a number of different attacks. Aside from normal attacks (two per character) and a block – all keyed to mouse buttons in addition to the keyboard – there are also EX skills and summons. Despite this, lack of weapons selection and complex combos means that combat gets repetitive. Unlike e.g. Dragon’s Dogma, each character gets only one weapon, which cannot be changed. And unlike Devil May Cry series, there is a limited number of different attacks per weapon as well as limited ability to chain combos. The only way to get variety in the long term is to play a large number of different characters. Which is probably the point.

Free version of the game has a limited character roster. Majority of the 38 characters have to be purchased separately, with four characters being available in the free version. All free characters being relatively obscure, better-known characters have to be bought as separate DLCs. With each costing 6 Euros, five characters equal the price of the Final Fantasy Remake. DLCs are also available for outfits and weapons. These come individually or in bundles, with some bundles being more expensive than character DLCs.

Sound is good, and each character has a number of lines to say in appropriate situations. Background music is present in both menu and battle, and overall sound effects are good. Characters also have a (limited) number of battle lines. The one and only annoying thing is the floating doll-announcer-thingy which not only is incapable of shutting the hell up, but also combines a very annoying voice with almost as annoying catchphrase. Kupo!

Overall, the game appears to be designed for occasional short fun. Each match lasts as long as the player sets up in the menu, and gameplay is too repetitive to enjoy for too long. It is, in short, a game to be played for relaxation, not for obsession.

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