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Marxists Coming to Ruin Tolkien

Tolkien’s work had remained free of Marxist infiltration for a remarkably long time, remaining true to its origins and purpose – all due to the steadfast gatekeeping by the Tolkien estate. It had turned down mountains of cash in order to keep the setting true. But this may not last.

Marxists are coming for Tolkien – trying either to decry him as a Nazi or to claim that he was always a Woke Marxist. Lord of the Rings fan site, One Ring, described Tolkien as woke in a Twitter thread. The One Ring Twitter condemned homophobic comments in a series of tweets, culminating in the comment that “If you still think Ian McKellen is the worst & that Catholic Tolkien would have never approved, I beg you to read more of Tolkien’s books and letters. He was woke, stood against hate, embraced all cultures in life & fiction. It’s why his books are translated in every language.”, and “If you think Ian McKellen gets a pass but whatever Amazon is doing is a disgrace to Tolkien, please think more on your personal bias before tweeting. Our block button is very active. And if you RT/enable toxic voices in the name of free speech, you not love Tolkien.”.

But Tolkien was a devout Catholic and a very civilized person. If he witnessed today’s progressivism and wokeness, he would have likely thrown up in disgust. He certainly would have agreed with Bishop Robert Barron of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles who described wokeness as an “intellectual virus”. His full comment was that “But is this Foucaultian “woke” philosophy, which holds to an antagonistic social theory, which deconstructs language, which denies the objectivity of moral norms, and which sees reality simply as an incessant struggle between oppressor and oppressed, the answer? Of course not. And perhaps we should be encouraged by the French alarm at the emergence of “wokeism” in their midst, for now the very society that produced the intellectual virus might join the fight against it.”.

Tolkien had a very rigorous code of behaviour which he himself constructed according to the Catholic dogma and his own religious beliefs: he would never receive communion without going to the confession first. And being a philologist, he would find the wokeist deconstruction and barbarization of the language a complete anathema to his beliefs and professional pride alike. And being a Christian, the Marxist idea of the world as a struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed as well as the resultant ideologically-based hate would be unthinkable to him.

But Lord of the Rings is a massive, extremely popular franchise, and thus Marxists want to take uncontested control over it. They do not care for the quality of art, or indeed for either quality or the art. They only care for its propaganda value, and Lord of the Rings’ popularity makes its propaganda value makes it attract Leftists like flies to manure. Fundamentally, the Leftist crowd does not care about the Lord of the Rings: rather, they only use it as a vessel, for either their own personal promotion, or for promotion of their ideology. They are parasites, latching onto an organism and sucking it for their own purposes. And Lord of the Rings is a very healthy and rich organism.

Many people – including Ian McKellen – exploited the Lord of the Rings (directly or indirectly) for the purposes of political activism. Ian McKellen, in fact, took it to ultimate lows by writing Fuck off, I’m a Gay when Michael Howard asked him for an autograph – not for Michael himself, but for his children. Through this, McKellen has clearly shown that to the Left, nothing is sacred except their own goals. Being a creepy political pedophile is acceptable if it advances “sexual freedoms”. The only commendable thing is that it did not affect his acting role. Nor did it – contra to Marxist rhetoric – affect his career.

Tolkien himself would never agree to the idea of pride for pride’s sake. Having pride in one’s achievments and one’s work is good, because it can spur the person to become even better, or at least keep up the work. But having pride in being something can easily become a sin. And celebrities making political statements is definitely prideful, as being an actor or an athlete – or a politician or a lawmaker – does not give said person any better understanding of politics and the world in general than an average Joe. He would also never agree to forcible implementation of an ideology – he saw what Nazism did, and Wokeism is doing the same today.

The Amazon TV series will, it seems, try to do both – promote Wokeist Marxism, as well as to exploit the setting for money. The One is already promoting Marxism on Twitter, and bemoaning the fact that they cannot simply ban any political opposition.

Overall, Wokists are disgusting. They do not allow people to mind their own business, and they do not let artists to produce art. Instead, everything has to be politicized – specifically, in the extremely Marxist direction.

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