Song Review – The Dragon is Withered by Clamavi de Profundis

Note: version reviewed here will be the final version, not the preliminary one

The song starts out in a slow and calm manner, with what appears to be a classical guitar and a flute, with a string instument joining in later. This calm feeling continues throughout, with music never overwhelming the singer’s voice. Instruments serve as a background support, reinforcing the song and developing the emotions already present, thus making them easier to resonate with the listener than would be possible through voice alone. At times, song gets a certain feeling of majesty, likely due to usage of chorus voice / multiple voice. But here as well, instruments play their role in reinforcing the emotions caused by the singing. The song closes with only a voice and a guitar, which give way to a violin(?) solo at the end – denoting the return to the calm everyday life of Shire.

Thematically, the calm atmosphere of the song is appropriate. Song itself speaks of the need to be happy with simple pleasures. The stars are far brighter / than gems without measure / the moon is far whiter / than silver in treasure / the fire is more shining / on hearth in the gloaming / than gold won by mining / so why go a-roaming. These verses are the core of Tolkien’s philosophy, and lesson that both Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings teach: be happy with what you have, because you never know where ambition might lead you.

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