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Song Review – The First of His Name by One Man Raid

The first thing noticeable about the song is that it is relatively slow. Rather than being a flaw however, this gives the song a feeling of majesty.

The song opens with bells. This fits thematically, as bells can mean multiple things: either a celebration of an event (such as coronation), or a warning against danger (such as enemy attack). In case of King Tomislav, they fit both meanings: he was the first King of Croatia, and he crowned himself after repelling attacks by both Hungarians and Bulgarians. Other instruments follow soon, combining into a slow-paced yet martial theme. Singing alternates between single vocal and what appears to be layered multiple-vocal, thus giving impression of a chorus and reinforcing the impression of historicity that song gives. Chorus is used to both thematically support and reinforce the verses sung by the primary vocal, underlining the key points and also appearing in the refrain.

Vocals themselves are relatively slow and even subdued, yet are also powerful and give an impression of determination and perseverance in the face of adversity – a theme which can be felt throughout the entire album. Overall, song is an excellent mix, both musically and also thematically.

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