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Fantasy and History Music Producers

Following are my own favourites among producers of fantasy and history themed music.

Clamavi de Profundis

Clamavi de Profundis (Music from the Deeps) is a Youtube-based family project which makes fantasy-themed music. Much of it is based on Tolkien, but there is also content based on other fantasy writers as well as original content. Many of their songs have an epic feeling to them, but others can be familial, martial or in other styles. What is common to all songs is how they manage to channel the spirit of the stories they tell and emotions the characters in songs actually feel. It is easy to imagine characters actually singing their pieces, and sad songs actually feel sad. Music itself is inspired by traditional, religious and classical music, but is always well matched to the lyrics and voice both. It supports the singing, but never overpowers it.

One Man Raid

One Man Raid is Croatian one-man music project by Matej Bogdanić. It is often described by listeners as “Croatian Sabaton”, a description which is well-earned. Unlike most other projects noted in this post, it has no fantasy themes. All songs are about Croatian history, and predominantly history of warfare. These span from pre-Croatian history of Illyria up until the Homeland War (1990. – 1995.), and are very good for learning history, much as is the case with Sabaton. One flaw is relative lack of variation: some songs can feel very similar to one another, especially when combined with subdued way of singing. This is by no means universal, though it is noticeable in several cases; there are unique songs, and enough variation to keep things fresh. Overall, it is an excellent choice for people looking for a fun way of learning Croatian history.

Miracle of Sound

Miracle of Sound is another one-man music project, this time by Irishman Gavin Dunne. Unlike history-based One Man Raid, music of Miracle of Sound is primarily themed around fantasy. This includes myths, legends, but also fantasy books, movies, TV series and video games, making him very popular in the gaming community. Music varies very widely in genre, always selected to fit the subject of the song itself: songs about mythology will feel epic and based around folk music (often folk metal), while those about sci-fi (such as Doom) will be primarily of heavy metal, techno or industrial genre. Songs also reflect, in their tone, the culture and theme they speak about – and sometimes in more than the tone. The Tale of Cu Chulainn specifically includes some lines sung in Irish language. Tone itself is often enough to transfer emotions of the song to the listener, even without hearing the lyrics. Aside from variations in the tone, there are also variations in instruments used from song to song. All of this makes each song not only sound, but also feel unique. Dunne’s work had been recohnized by video game developers, and he helped promote several video games through his songs, such as Mass Effect 3. In other cases, his songs were used within the video games, as is the case with the song Cries of a Dead World.

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